Our Story

Chelsey and I have a storybook romance, a family who loves us, and a radical faith to see God change the world through us.  But it hasn’t always been this way. Between the two of us, we’ve experienced the betrayal of lies, the fallout from divorce, the brokenness of empty relationships, and the pain of horrible decisions.  We’ve walked in pride, dealt with anxiety, and struggled with unbelief.  We know what it’s like to lie in bed at night, numb from another day of endless activity, and wonder if everything is pointless. But God is into rewriting stories.  He has a way of using all the bad things in our lives, even the things we may have brought on ourselves, to pen a masterpiece that leaves us and anyone else watching to only possibly conclude that God must have done this.  He is relentless in His love towards us and He is so ready for us to fully become who He created.

Here is what I believe:  God created you for relationship and with a specific purpose.  Still, so many of us waste our lives not knowing who we are or why we exist.  And I get it…I’ve been there.  But it is only through truly coming to know the God who created you that you’ll ever really know yourself and discover the blueprint God has for your life.


So why start a church in Nashville, Tennessee? Because there are so many people here who are like us.  People who need to know the love of Jesus, the connection of family, and the passion that comes as you discover your purpose.  People who are compassionate, driven, and longing for significance beyond themselves.  People who have the audacity to believe that the hope of the world really is the Church and that we are impacting eternity every time we introduce someone to Jesus.

This is what compels us.  This is why we’re here.  This is why after 15 years in ministry we are following the dream God has placed in our heart to launch Blueprint Church as a world-changing church—one where countless people will come to KNOW God, one where countless people will GROW in their relationship with God, and one where countless people will be equipped to GO and share the life that they have in God with other people.   I can’t wait to see how we do it together!